Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Say Hello to High and Dry

Pitter patter
doesn't matter
Little feet and darkened streets
Where you go and where you've been
circles round and round again
Check and Mate
Oh how your square's gone straight
your sound is bound and chained to ground
same old story becomes so boring
We love so much deeper
so true to our keepers
in silent single files
waiting all the while
In faith and in hiding
sands dripping time abiding
making markers tags on skin
close the door then let me in
Push and pull dried and crumbled
life losses, loves little fumbles
cry your way to higher ground
in your tears you've begin to drown
Some will be broken broken
some will be bruised
mostly we are all simply confused
with no way out, no way in
circles round and round again

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